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My favorite pictures from Italy and Croatia in January 2007.
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Armani Jeans
A bus races through Rome.
La Isola di Capri
Capri is a beautiful island about an hour away from Naples.
Classical Italian and modern Croatian
The Farnese Hercules in Naples is monumental and the Mestrovic Gallery in Split is breathtaking. Centrale Montemartini is both.
La Pieta di Michelangelo
Museo dell’Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore di Firenze.
Mirrors in an train cabin capture me. In the center a spotlight flashes my silhouette. Finally, I have Florence over my shoulder.
Artwork Everywhere
On a hotel in Venice, inside the Bargello Museum in Florence, and inside Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome
Venice, Beautiful
Venice at night; a Venetian canal.
Venice, Sinking
Moss to the top step and a canal from my hotel.
Venice, Flooding
A lion keeps watch over the stacked pedestrian walkways.
The Five-Oh
Policija in Split, Croatia rolling in a VW Golf, Polizia at the Spanish Steps with a FIAT, and Carabinieri in Venice with a boat.
A Vatican dog and the Capitoline She–Wolf
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