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Europe, February 2009
My Favorite Pictures
Photos by City: Stockholm Geneva Utrecht

Changing of the Royal Guards, Stockholm (8:00, 80MB, h264 m4v)

All over the Middle East, January 2009
My Favorite Pictures
Photos in Germany: Frankfurt
Photos in Lebanon: Beirut Baalbek and Anjara
Photos in Syria: Damascus Aleppo The Dead Cities Simeon Stylites
Photos in the Persian Gulf: United Arab Emirates Kingdom of Bahrain
Photos in Egypt: Cairo Pyramids at Giza
Photos in Israel and Palestine: Eliat The Dead Sea Jerusalem Jericho
Photos in Jordan: Jordan Valley and Amman Jerash

Panoramic Photos:
Excavations at Ebla in Syria: thumbnail (40k) fullsize (7MB, 6130x640 PNG)

Moises at the Pyramids (2:30, 30MB, h264 m4v)
Walking around Simeon Stylites (1:15, 12MB, h264 m4v)
Panorama of a Dead City (0:25, 4MB, h264 m4v)
Panorama of Jerash (0:30, 5MB, h264 m4v)

All over Europe, November 2007
My Favorite Pictures
Photos by City: Zuerich Basel Amsterdam London Bratislava Vienna Feldkirch and Vaduz Luzern
Italy and Croatia, January 2007
My Favorite Pictures
Photos by City: Rome Naples Naples-Pompeii Naples-Capri Florence Venice Venice-San Michele Ancona Split

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo (0:30, 3MB, h264 mp4)
Stazione Santa Maria Novella (0:30, 3MB, h264 mp4)
Trenitalia Eurostar arrives in Firenze (1:15, 8MB, h264 mp4)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (0:20, 3MB, h264 m4v)
Wandering around Pompeii (8:30, 72MB, h264 mp4)
Sunset in Split Croatia (2:00, 7MB, h264 mp4)

Ireland, March 2006
Photos: Dublin Glendalough
Italy, October 2003
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