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Some of my favorite pictures from the Middle East in January 2009.
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Frankfurt, Germany
I was tired from the flight but still wandered down to the European Central Bank.
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Beirut, Lebanon
The balcony had a rad view of the Mediterranean but also had leftover damage from a rifle round.
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Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut shows evidence of various conflicts.
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Beirut, Lebanon
Christmastime and New Year's Eve in 2008.
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The Roman Temples at Baalbek.
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Damascus, Syria
Climbing the city walls and having tea on them. The exit of the souq has a billboard.
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Damascus, Syria
The Umayad Mosque.
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Syria at Night
Street scenes from Aleppo, Damascus New City, and Damascus Old City.
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Northern Syria
At the dead city of Bara, the Mosaic Museum in Marat al-Numan, and modern ruins along the mainline.
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Simeon Stylites
The St Simeon complex.
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Northern Syria
More dead cities showing the overlapping farmland.
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Northern Syria
Dead city ruins in active use.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Dubai Airport has a Round Table Pizza.
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Giza, Egypt
The Giza suburbs push into the desert.
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Camels at the Pyramids
Tourist kitsch but pure fun.
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Cairo, Egypt
So I was about to get some food at this corner cafe when a guy with his donkey pulls up to the intersection and starts selling tomatoes and potatoes.
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Southern Israel
Eliat on the Gulf of Aqaba is gorgeous and heading north toward the West Bank one reaches the Dead Sea.
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The Dome of the Rock, looking from the Temple Mount toward the Mount of Olives, and two sections of the Western Wall.
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Details from the mosques on the Temple Mount and from inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
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Jerash, Jordan
Greek and Roman ruins in the Jordanian town of Jerash.
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A can of Maawntn Diiw and Jericho water in Jericho, Palestine.
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